Clothes & toys shipments

What is our Clothes & Toys Shipment programme?

Since 2014, KIFAD UK have sent regular shipments of children’s clothes and toys to our partners, KIFAD, to distribute to their clients. The shipments are organised by a KIFAD supporter, George Ntumwa, who says he immediately “fell in love with the cause” and wanted to help us find an affordable way to ship clothes and toys to his home country.

After the shipments arrive, KIFAD staff identify the most deprived and needy families in the district and distribute the toys and clothes accordingly. The reports below highlight the need for these donations in Wakiso District and we are always delighted to read about the joy that our shipments bring to the families of Wakiso District.

If you would like to donate good quality children’s clothes, age 0-14, please get in touch!

“We are so happy with the clothes, we did not expect it, and we thank KIFAD so much for the services they provide” KIFAD client, February 2018.

KIFAD clothes distribution report February 2018

KIFAD UK Clothes Distribution Report Jan 2016

Distribution of Clothes from KIFAD UK Final Report (3)


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