A new HIV and AIDS health centre

A timeline of the health centre

The Vision…

  • In 2012, KIFAD identified the need for a new health care centre for the local people of Wakiso district to  enhance and accelerate access to holistic life-saving HIV/Aids prevention methods, treatment of those already diagnosed as being HIV positive, and care and support services for those infected, their families and wider community. The initial proposals for the health centre were laid out in their KIFAD health centre vision Oct 2015

Starting work on the build..

  • In April 2014, building began on the health centre and KIFAD UK were able to make our first few donations to support with the costs of the roofing installation, labour and operational costs.

Solar Panelling…

  • In June 2016, KIFAD UK were able to help KIFAD take a crucial step forward in the construction of the clinic when we sent £5000 for the installation of the solar panels on the site. That essential step meant that the clinic could have an independent, low-cost and religable energy supply to ensure a continuous and effective running. Not only does this provide energy to light the clinic and operate computers for patient registration, but it also means that crucial laboratory services can run regularly and efficiently.
  • The clinic team can also reach thousands more vulnerable people to provide essential health services as a result. We would like to thank all our donors who have helped made this a reality on the ground in Uganda. You can find out more about the solar project by reading kifad-progress-report-for-the-solar-project-2016

The launch…

  • On the 29th of June 2018, KIFAD officially opened their medical centre to the public. Word was spread through the local community to ensure everyone had the opportunity to attend and KIFAD offered a range of medical services for free, inviting other health organisations for support in providing such services. You can find out more about the day by reading the Official launch report 2018

What next…?

  • KIFAD have made some great steps forward in ensuring their clients have access to free healthcare. But there are still many more projects which urgently need funding! These include:
  1. The construction of a triage area = €3000
  2. Children’s ward = €10,000
  3. Public utilities = €2000
  4. Integrated early childhood centre = €5000

We are extremely proud to see the health centre now fully operational. We would invite you to take a look at the video below to see how the health centre supports the local community.