1.  Why was the need for a health centre identified?

Access to health care services is considered not only a basic need but also a fundamental human right, but a right that does not exist for many in Mende Sub county.

Despite the efforts of the Ugandan Government to improve this health service provision, those in rural areas for example in Wakiso District, still remain the poorest, most under-served and historically most neglected. Poor infrastructure still exposes many to a variety of health hazards. Lack of access to clean water and good sanitation create a number of health threats; common diseases in Mende sub county are Malaria, water-borne diseases, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Pregnant women, adolescent girls and vulnerable children households are considered to be particularly vulnerable because they lack knowledge about how to protect themselves, and because information about the diseases is not always available nor accessible to them.

KIFAD established a Medical Clinic to enhance and improve access, uptake and utilisation community health care services especially primary healthcare, HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and the general treatment of health complaints.

2. Who are the typical clients using the health centre?

The health centre is for all socio-economically disadvantaged people living in resource-constrained settings in the catchment area. The centre is also for those communities with a lack of access to HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) as a prevention approach and with access to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) due to long distances, poor road network, inaccessibility, stigma and discrimination and health expenses.

 3. What stages have been completed?

The initial step was to fix a fence around the foudations of the centre for security and safety. Following the security fencing, KIFAD installed solar power for operating the centre and purchased basic medical and non-medical centre equipment.

The health centre was opened on 29th June 2018 and so the community can now access services at their convenience. The KIFAD health centre team also run home visits to support families living in the area as well as awareness raising programmes for primary health care. The health centre is managed by skilled healthcare workers as well as volunteer community health workers (CHWs).

4. What services are offered at the Health centre?

  • Primary Healthcare (PHC)
  • HIV Testing Services (HTS)
  • General Treatment of health conditions
  • STD/STI Screening and Treatment
  • Child Nutrition Immunization. Laboratory
  • Referrals and Linkages

5. What are the next funding priorities for the health centre?

Although KIFAD have made some great steps forward in ensuring their clients have free access to HIV testing services, STD screening, primary healthcare services and more, there is still a long way to go! KIFAD UK are continuing to raise funds to support the KIFAD 2019 priorities which include:

  1. The construction of a triage area = €3000
  2. Children’s ward = €10,000
  3. Public utilities = €2000
  4. Integrated early childhood centre = €5000

Here is a full list of the KIFAD Priorities 2019

6. Who are the staff at the health centre?

The health centre is run by qualified Staff including Community Based Trainers, HIV and AIDS Counsellors, Finance and Admin staff, Laboratory Technicians, Nurses, Doctors and Psychosocial Support & Child Protection Staff. The health centre is run the Team Leader, Bongole Richard Bob.

7. Where can I find out more about the impact that KIFAD have in the community?

KIFAD Newsletter Sept 2015

Annual Newsletter 2015

KIFAD UK final leaflet November 2015

thank you letter Kiwanuka Joseph

thank you letter Kyeyune

thank you letter Nalubega

7. Who are the KIFAD Board members & what is their area of expertise?

S/N Name Present Occupation Details Position on KIFAD Board Area of Experience / Expertise
1 Mr. James Mugabi Program Manager, Family Strengthening Program

SOS Children’s Villages, Kakiri

Chairperson Project Planning and Management
2 Mr. Bongole Richard Bob Programme Manager KIFAD

P.O.Box 33995 Kampala.

Secretary / Programme Manager. Project Planning and Management
3 Mrs. Agnes Namirembe Business Woman,

Nansana Town Council.


Treasurer Business Woman
4 Dr. Dennis B. Asimwe. Executive Director.

Development and Relief Initiative Uganda.


Member Public Health
5 Ms. Deboarah Lunkuse International Union against TB and Lung Disease.



Member Human Resource Management
6 Mr. Ronald Kamoga Galilee Community General Hospital.


Member Hospital Administration