Who are KIFAD UK?

KIFAD UK was set up by 5 Trustees in 2014 to support the work of KIFAD in Uganda, particularly with the establishment and running of a hew health centre for the people of Wakiso District, Uganda.

We raise funds for the build and running of the new health centre, as well as sending regular shipments of children’s clothes and toys for the families supported by KIFAD. We also aim to raise awareness in Europe of the challenges faced by those living with HIV and AIDS in Uganda and consequently the need for a local health centre.

We believe passionately in the work that our partners in Uganda are doing and we are excited to see the huge advances they are making in their strive towards the alleviation of poverty by providing their clients with access to adequate medication and healthcare.

What do we do to raise funds and awareness?

Since our inception, we have seen support and awareness of our charity grow and grow and we are delighted with the following achievements.

  • We have sent 8 shipments of clothes and toys from both the UK and Luxembourg to the people of Wakiso District and we aim to send at least 2 shipments per year to KIFAD Uganda clients.
  • KIFAD UK has raised almost £30,000 in the UK and Luxembourg through Christmas fairs, online campaigns, runs, abseils, Christmas raffles, the generosity of regular donors and more.
  • Since 2011, Our Trustee, Abby Salvadori, often together with the Niche Market team in Luxembourg, has held regular fundraising events, including Niche Market fairs, raising around £17,000 in total.

If you would like to follow our progress, please ‘like’ our facebook page and follow us on twitter.


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