Success Stories

Cissy Nantege was facing an uncertain future before being enrolled on a KIFAD programme in 2013. Family difficulties including a lack of both medical care and secondary school fees had led Cissy to drop out of her education and she had subsequently given birth to her first child.

A KIFAD Vulnerability Assessment (VAT) and Needs Assessment (NAT) identified these difficulties and a household intervention plan was created. Cissy was placed on a hairdressing apprenticeship and by joining a KIFAD Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), both she and her sister received training in financial literacy, cooking and other life skills.

Cissy is now employed as a hairdresser and being more financially independent, she can also contribute to her aunt’s household and can provide more for her daughter. While some pressures still exist, Cissy and her family’s situation has significantly improved thanks to KIFAD’s guidance, knowledge and support. Cissy says she now feels ‘a better person’.

“I give very good customer care to my clients in the saloon and this is attracting more customers and our saloon receives 2 or 3 clients a day and this trend will improve. At home, I am very supportive and respect all the members at home.” Cissy.

Cissy's apprenticeship training

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